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How to Determine your R2v3 Scope of Certification

R2v3 Core Requirement 1 Scope

Core requirement 1 of the R2v3 standard details the requirements for an R2 facilities scope of certification. Specifically, it states in Core 1b(1) that an accurate statement of the scope of operations must be defined, documented and published on the facilities R2 certification. It is critical to accurately determine the organization’s scope and ensure that it is reflective of all current business processes related to used electronic equipment, components, and materials managed by R2 facility.

But how to begin:

The first steps in determining your scope of certification is to review the SERI R2v3 Appendix Applicability Guidance document.

The R2v3 standard is divided into two major sections:

· Core Requirements and;

· Process Specific Requirements

The Core Requirements are essentially applicable to all R2 facilities while Process Requirements will apply only if those specific processes are carried out by the R2 facility.

Process Specific Requirements have been listed as Appendices within the R2v3 Standard.

The R2v3 Process Requirements Appendices:

· Appendix A – Downstream Recycling Chain

· Appendix B – Data Sanitization

· Appendix C – Test and Repair

· Appendix D – Specialty Electronics Reuse

· Appendix E – Materials Recovery

· Appendix F – Brokering

The applicability guidance document walks through each one of the appendices to evaluate if its applicable to your organization. At this point, it is important to compare and evaluate your current business activities related to used electronics, components, and material types managed.

The next step is to utilized SERI’s R2v3 Appendix Determination Tool. This is another useful guidance document to help ensure that your scope of certification has been developed properly and is reflective of your current business practices. The determination tool compares your current processes vs each of the appendices to determine if it is applicable to your organization.


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