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R2v3 Core Requirements: Basics you need to know

SERI had made some significant changes to the sustainable electronics Reuse & Recycling R2 Standard. Version 3 of the standard (R2v3) was released July 1st, 2020 as an ANSI approved American National Standard.

The R2v3 standard differs quite a bit in structure and content from the past R2:2013 version of the standard. The R2v3 version now segregates the R2 Core Requirements from the R2 Process Specific Requirements.

All organizations certifying to the R2v3 version of the standard are required to meet all core requirements. A summary of the Core Requirements is listed below:

R2 Core Requirements

1. Scope

2. Hierarchy of Responsible Management Strategies

3. EH&S Management System

4. Legal and Other Requirements

5. Tracking Throughput

6. Sorting, Categorization, and Processing

7. Data Security

8. Focus Materials

9. Facility Requirements

10. Transport

Depending on the scope of the organization certifying to the R2v3 standard they will be required to meet the additional R2 Process Requirements if they carry out that activity. A summary of the R2 Process Requirements is listed below:

R2 Process Requirements

Appendix A – Downstream Recycling Chain

Appendix B – Data Sanitization

Appendix C – Test and Repair

Appendix D – Specialty Electronics Reuse

Appendix E – Materials Recovery

Appendix F – Brokering

R2 Certification

Certified R2 facility are required to be audited at least annually and certified to all R2 Core requirements. Additionally, the organization will be required to be audited for any applicable R2 Process Requirements that fall under the scope of the processing activities/operations.

Certain approved / accredited Certification Bodies (also known as a Registrar) provide 3rd party independent auditing services that can certify the organization once they are prepared to meet all the standard requirements.

Certification Bodies (Registrars) however cannot provide consulting support as it would present a conflict of interest. SERI has listed approved consultant on their website that have gone through the SERI R2 training. A competent R2 consultant can assist you with preparing for your certification body audits.

If you are interested in finding out more regarding the R2v3 certification process, requirements, and cost please contact us to setup a call today.

Phone: 248-890-9283


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