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Engagement of people - The Seven Quality Management Principles

In this next blog post we will be discussing the third Quality Management Principle, Engagement of people. Engagement of people is about engaging with people internally within the company. It can be easily overlooked and not a point of focus, but when focused on it can make a major difference for the company. We will further discuss what it means, the Key benefits and some Actions you can take for your business.

Quality Management Principles:

1. Customer focus

2. Leadership

3. Engagement of people

4. Process approach

5. Improvement

6. Evidence based decision making

7. Relationship management


What does Engagement of People mean exactly? As an article from titled ‘Quality Management Principles’ states, “To manage an organization effectively and efficiently, it is important to involve all people at all levels and to respect them as individuals. Recognition, empowerment and enhancement of competence facilitate the engagement of people in achieving the organization’s quality objectives.” In simpler terms it is about enhancing the quality of life overall with employees internally and there are many ways of achieving this. Some things that are very important are things such as creating a good culture in the business, creativity and the ability to have personal growth.


According to the article from titled ‘Quality Management Principles’, these Key Benefits include:

Key benefits

• Improved understanding of the organization’s quality objectives by people in the organization and increased motivation to achieve them

• Enhanced involvement of people in improvement activities

• Enhanced personal development, initiatives and creativity

• Enhanced people satisfaction

• Enhanced trust and collaboration throughout the organization

• Increased attention to shared values and culture throughout the organization



Actions that you can take

Some actions that you can take well start off with promoting collaboration, creativity and personal growth within your organization. Promoting these things can be all the difference with an employee and make them feel needed and a sense of future within your organization. That transitions into letting people feel like they can take initiative without any fear and giving them that confidence they need to thrive in the company.

As always communication is always huge and one of the most important things in a company. It opens discussion and sharing of knowledge and experience. Another big action that can be taken is a sense of recognition and improvement for employees. That leads to the next thing which is employee surveys. Conducting surveys shows that voices are being heard and satisfaction internally are being met and actions are being taken.

Overall, Engagement of people is about the people internally and the communication and understanding from the top to them bottom of the company. Being heard and understood with a sense of direction and growth is crucial for success and happiness from within.



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