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R2v3 – Appendix A Applicability

Appendix A of the R2v3 Standard defines the pertinent requirements for the qualification and management of all downstream vendors that an R2 facility utilizes. The R2v3 Standard is focused on the control and management of what the standard defines as Controlled Streams or materials defined as or containing Focus Materials.

Controlled streams are defined as…

Focus Materials are defined as equipment, materials, or components containing the following:

· Polychlorinated Biphenyls

· Mercury

· Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT)

· Batteries

· Circuit Boards

Inbound Controlled Streams passing through an R2 facility must then be sorted, categorized and controlled throughout processing in manner that controls the risk associated with those materials. Tracking of material falling within the Controlled Stream definition is crucial for maintaining your R2 certification in good standing. Controlled stream passing through the facility are then required to be tracked if shipped to any other facility throughout the R2 facilities downstream recycling chain.

Appendix A thus applies to all R2 facilities that utilize any other facility for processing or managing any R2 Controlled Streams whether the downstream vendor is R2 certified or a non-R2 downstream vendor. Tracking and traceability is required for every R2 facility that is not the final processing of the material in the Recycling Chain.

Appendix A does not apply to R2 facilities that are the end of the Recycling Chain, such as a smelter, as this material is no longer defined as a focus material or R2 Controlled Stream. In addition to an end-of-life processor. Appendix A does not apply to any downstream entities which are only handling sanitized, tested and functioning products which are then not subject to downstream control.


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