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R2v3 Reuse and Recycling Focus Material: A Closer Look

SERI’s R2v3 Reuse and Recycling Standard establishes the requirements for responsible reuse and recycling of used electronics devices, materials and components. Used electronics contain many toxic and hazardous materials. The R2v3 standard defines these types of materials as focus materials.

Focus materials (FMs) are defined by the R2v3 standard as materials found within electronic equipment that warrant greater care during processing. The warrant greater care due to their toxic nature. These FMs have the potential to cause health and safety issues on those working to processes these materials. Due to their inherent dangers, they have been deemed R2 Controlled Streams meaning that they must be properly controlled and managed while under an R2v3 certified facilities control. Additional, health and safety precautions must be taken to safeguard workers such as additional training on hazards as well as the use of personal protective equipment. The degree of protection needed depends on the material types being processes at the facility, type of processing or treatment, and risk of exposure to the workers and environment. Many of these additional environmental, health, and safety requirements are detailed in the R2v3 required ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard and ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management System Standard.

The following items are defined as Focus Materials by the R2v3 Standard:

· Circuit Boards

· Batteries

· Cathode Ray Tube Glass (CRT)

· Mercury

· Poly-Chlorinated Bi-Phenols

Each R2v3 certified facility must perform an environmental health and safety risk assessment to determine the risk associated with their specific operations and processes. Focus materials must be identified and managed properly throughout processing at the facility and down the downstream vendor recycling chain until the FMs are fully processed.

For further assistance with determining your Focus Materials / R2 Controlled Streams and how to implement the R2v3 Standard Requirements please contact us to set up a call.

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